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At Accelerate, your products are our top priority. Accelerate provides distribution, order fulfillment and logistics to suppliers throughout the United States. With over 20+ order fulfillment centers, totaling over 3 million sq. ft. in warehouse space, our trucks and personnel touch over 50,000 retail locations two to five times per week. Over 2 billion units are distributed out of our warehouses and onto retail shelves per year.

Other Services Offered:

• Pick, Pack, Delivery: Custom full-service fulfillment

• Reverse Logistics: Recall and return capability

• Direct Store Delivery (DSD): Maximize distribution potential

• Direct to Consumer fulfillment

• Reset Work: Effective resets without disruption to store operations

• Signage & Display Delivery: Ability to deliver programs nationwide in three days

• Display Installs: Our teams are experts in locating and installing displays for greatest visibility

Services Offered:

Product Rotations
Efficient product rotation practice leads to less returned or discarded product for the retailer and a greater likelihood of overall profit. Accelerate merchandisers are trained to be diligent in stock rotation during in-store visits so that more product is sold on time and moves off the shelf as new product comes in.

IRC/Signage Placement
Key placement of promotional signage can be highly effective in shortening product turn. Accelerate merchandisers install promotional signs in-store as well as sticker product and racks for increased visibility and improved sales.

Seasonal Support
From summer to back-to-school to holidays, there are many important retail seasons throughout the year. Accelerate supports retail partners by stocking product and helping merchandise it creatively and effectively before, during, and after each selling season.

Customized Audits
Different retailers have different needs when it comes to information. One may need to know how a particular promotion is working, another may want precise information about in-store traffic flow. Whatever the need, Accelerate captures and delivers the essential data that helps retailers enhance their businesses.

Inventory Services
Tracking inventory diligently is a must for every retailer. Accelerate’s team employs the latest hand-held, product scanning technology to systematically collect current inventory information at the store level and instantly transmit the data for processing and action.

Accelerate partners provide the most complete combination of survey services to supply retailers with the critical knowledge they need for peak performance in their stores. We provide valuable assessments relating to anything in-store in real-time, so that response to the information can be timely and effective.
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